I am leading the Task 3.2. “Embodiment and Physical Interaction” task in the EU Horizon 2020 RAGE project since May 2015. We are developing an interactive virtual character for job interview skills training with BipMedia and Randstad.

From September 2016, I am leading the workpackage “ANI3: Biomechanical Animation” in the COMMIT project “Virtual Worlds for Well-being”, in collaboration with 8D games, Aafje and CGI Nederland to develop and evaluate an interactive exercise game for elderly users.

Another ongoing project is on “Autonomous gaze animation for socially interactive virtual humans” supported by the Utrecht University Game Research Focus Area Seed funding. More information can be found here.

Previously, I contributed to the “Autonomous virtual humans and social robots in 3D telepresence” project in the BeingThere Center which is collaboration between NTU, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and University of North Carolina in USA.

The work in my PhD dissertation started in the framework of European Union FP6 project INDIGO (Interaction with Personality and Dialogue Enabled Robots).  The goal of the project was to develop a museum guide robot for the Foundation of Hellenic World in Athens. In addition to INDIGO, I have been involved in other EU projects HUMAINE, PLAYMANCER and 3DLife.