Teaching & Supervision

I am teaching Computer Animation (MSc) and Cognition and Emotion (BSc) courses.

I am also coordinating the Game and Media Technology Colloquium (MSc).

I am supervising a PhD student (co-promotor Prof. Remco Veltkamp) and a post-doc.

Supervision of Master’s students

  • Claudio Freda, “Parametric character action synthesis for combat animation in video games”, Master thesis, Utrecht Uiversity (ongoing)
  • Teus van Oosterom, “Facial animation retargeting from motion capture data”, Master thesis, Utrecht University (ongoing)
  • Alex Klein, “Gaze behavior generation for NPCs in games using a data-driven approach”, Master thesis, Utrecht University (ongoing)
  • Guillermo Ibañez de Aldecoa Marin, “Video-driven realistic facial reconstruction and animation”, Master thesis, Utrecht University (ongoing)
  • Jack Hadjicosti, “Generating Believable Gesture Motion for NPCs Based on Conversational Attitudes”, Master Thesis (ongoing)
  • Ferdinand Coninck, “Automated Social Behavior Between Virtual Characters in Casual Conversations”, Master Thesis (ongoing)
  • Constantinos Charalambous, “Realistic Lip-Sync Animation Based on Emotional Speech and Linguistic Cues”, Master Thesis (ongoing)
  • Costas Mavridis, “Autonomous Data-driven Gaze Model for the Pepper robot”, GMT Small project, Utrecht University, June 2017
  • Andrey Obolenski, “Using Hofstede’s Dimensions to Model Culture in Multi-Party Dialogue”, Master Thesis, Utrecht University, October 2017
  • Raoul Harel, “Using Social Practices to Model Turn-taking in Multi-party Conversations”, Master Thesis, Utrecht University, September 2017.
  • Ilja Gubins, “Particle systems in production pipeline of modern movie visual effects”, GMT Small project, November 2016
  • Daniel Faustino, “Beyond Mocap: Animating Soccer Players Based on Positional Tracking Data”, Masters thesis, Utrecht University, second examiner, September 2016.
  • Bram van den Brink, “Virtual Human Controller” project, research programmer, Utrecht University, November – June 2016
  • Rohit Dubey, “Multi-party interactions with a social robot”, research associate, Nanyang Technological University, 2014 (now PhD candidate at the Future City Lab Singapore and ETH-Zurich)
  • Danni Le, “Large scale analysis on Technology Adoption for Lifestyle Change”, Master semester project, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, Autumn 2012.
  • Javier Martin de Valmesada, “Wellness sensing with wearable sensors”, Master semester project, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, Autumn 2012. (Now software engineer at Accenture Switzerland)
  • Cagla Cig, “Realistic Emotional Gaze and Head Behavior Generation Based on Arousal and Dominance Factors”, Master Thesis, University of Geneva and Utrecht University, 2010. (Now PhD candidate at Koc University, Turkey)
  • Maher Ben Moussa, “Facial Animation and Interaction During Dialogues”, Master Thesis, MIRALab -University of Geneva and University of Twente, 2008. (Now senior researcher at University of Geneva)